Robots are taking over the world, but it’s not as scary as movies make it seem. The world of robotics is constantly evolving and becoming more advanced. 

What is a robot? It is a machine that is capable of taking in its surroundings, making a decision and then acting on it. No two robots are alike. It can come with two legs or four legs or more legs, look like pets or as a human – the options are endless. Their capabilities are expanding as robots are built to assist in performing surgery, work production lines, or clean your floors. The sky’s the limit in robotics. 

Kids interact with robots more than you think. From a Furby to the Rumba vacuum, robotics can be seen everywhere. In Japan, interacting with robots is natural. For example, Penny, a helpful humanoid, can be seen in banks and retailers providing general information. 

Help kids learn more about what happens behind the scenes in the creation of robots by letting them virtually play and vote on their favorite robots on IEEE’s amazing Guide to Your World of Robotics. They can learn about Na’Vi Shaman, Disney’s humanoid robot in The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, to Aibo, a friendly robotic dog. Encourage students to explore the world of robots!