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Inspiring the engineers of tomorrow

IEEE Pre-University Education Coordinating Committee (PECC)

PECC Chair, Stamatis Dragoumanos


We foster educational outreach to pre-university students around the globe by supporting teachers and IEEE volunteers with the tools for engaging activities and measurable outcomes.


IEEE and the world will look to PECC’s leadership and insight in bringing youth to the global technical community.

Core Values

  • Global Community Building

  • Service to Youth

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Excellence

  • Innovation and Discovery

  • Empowerment

PECC Plants the Seed of the Tree That IEEE and the World Will Gather the Fruits From!

School-aged children who pursue a career in engineering develop “Engineering Habits of Mind” and special soft skills such as resilience to failure, critical thinking and many more. Those habits of mind introduce them to a continuous self-improvement process that leads to a better version of themselves ensuring an enhanced quality of life for them, while at the same time, those soft skills make them essential to contemporary society and effective in shaping a brighter future for the world.


Pre-University Education Coordination Committee (PECC) actively seeks out individuals and organizations who work with school-aged children and share this noble objective and provides them support to implement a variety of activities, inside and outside the classroom, as a means of engaging these young people into the world of engineering.


Together, we can empower the next generation of engineers, guiding them toward a future filled with promise and endless possibilities.

Goals for the Next 5 Years:

  • Make individuals and organizations who are working with students of younger ages (5-14) a priority.

  • IEEE volunteers to embrace the culture to support those who work with school-aged children and to join towards PECC’s goals.

  • Train IEEE volunteers to embrace and deliver PECC’s mission through their activities, communications and outreach.

  • All products and services in PECC’s portfolio should receive a high quality and impact score

  • Partner with IEEE OUs who embrace PECC’s mission to help best share the expertise that they can bring to our audience and provide support to educators to effectively teach that kind of advanced content.

  • Create a vibrant and engaged pre-university STEM community of individuals who share PECC’s values and objectives.

  • Seek ways to fund a percentage of its operations.