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Meet an Engineer


Be inspired by professionals and students who have made big impacts.

What’s it like to work as a computer engineer? Is majoring in electrical engineering more difficult than other fields? Check out these profiles of individuals studying and working in various fields and discover what it’s like to be an engineer.

Explore Nerd Girls

Nerd Girl Nation celebrates individuality, diversity and passion. It encourages and inspires girls, through media, to change the world around them by pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). Nerd Girls was founded by Dr. Karen Panetta, a professor and Dean at Tufts University and an IEEE Fellow, to empower female engineering students and challenge the stereotypes and myths about women in the profession.  Meet some amazing female engineers who will inspire you.

Profiles in Engineering

From Bio-physics to nano-technology Mercedes Cornelius (physicist) and Lisa Goel (biomedical engineer) delve into the future of everything from medicine to clothing. To meet more...
Karen Rockwell, Industrial Engineer, shares the secrets behind Disneyland’s efficiency. Learn how the happiest place on earth keeps the park lines entertaining and the churro...
Get inspired by two amazing women who have put their passion into action.  Autumn Greco fuses fashion and science while Alison Sheet fuses body mechanics...
Paige Kassalen, electrical engineer, shares how she became part of the ground crew for the first solar powered plane to fly around the world.
“Look around and see what issues your society faces; Think about how education and technology can help solve such problems. Technology is most valuable when...
“Computing is one the best domains to start your career with. Do not get intimidated by subjects, all things will be easier once you start...