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IEEE STEM Champion Program

IEEE STEM Champion Program (formerly STEM Ambassador)

IEEE STEM Champion Program

The application window has closed. Thank you to those who applied. See a list of the new 2022 STEM Champions.


Are you conducting IEEE STEM outreach events for pre-university students or educators in your local community on behalf of IEEE? Would you like to help inspire other volunteers to get involved in STEM outreach? Then, we want to hear from you!

The IEEE STEM Champion Program was developed to recognize IEEE volunteers for their contributions to pre-university STEM education and to build a community of pre-university IEEE STEM outreach volunteers. The program resides under and works in partnership with the Volunteer STEM Portal.

All active IEEE Members are invited to submit an application in April 2023 to be considered as an IEEE STEM Champion. The applications will be reviewed and those who meet specific criteria will be selected. Champion applications will be reviewed and additional Champions selected annually.

What are the Benefits of Being Selected as a STEM Champion?

  • Recognition for your contributions to pre-university STEM education
  • Opportunity to be involved in a community of STEM outreach volunteers
  • Funding opportunities
  • Opportunity to build Region and Section awareness of your work
  • Ability to support IEEE pre-university education metrics by sharing your events and event results
  • Access to Champion-specific STEM outreach resources

Who is Eligible?

All active IEEE Members conducting STEM outreach for pre-university students and/or teachers on behalf of IEEE. Champions will be selected across all Regions, with no limit to the number selected.

Note: The IEEE STEM Champion title is a designation given to an individual IEEE volunteer. It is not a Region or Section officer position.

What are the Responsibilities of a 2022 IEEE STEM Champion?

IEEE STEM Champion will:

  • Conduct a minimum of two (2) pre-university STEM outreach events between 30 April, 2022 and 27 March, 2023. (This may be in-person or virtually.)
  • Post the events in the IEEE vTools platform by 27 March, 2023
  • Share event results in the IEEE vTools platform by 27 March, 2023
  • Promote IEEE’s pre-university education programs
  • Help build IEEE’s pre-university STEM outreach volunteer community

What are the Selection Criteria?

Applications will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Details regarding up to 4 pre-university STEM events you’ve conducted in the past 2 years.
  • Statement on the pre-university STEM outreach work you’ve been doing on behalf of IEEE.
  • Statement on how you plan to help contribute to IEEE’s pre-university education community.

Who are the Current STEM Ambassadors?

What is the Submission Date and Timeline?

  • The application window has closed. Look for a new application in April 2023.

How do I Submit an Application?

The application window has closed. Look for a new application in April 2023