IEEE REACH provides teachers and students with exemplary educational resources that explore the relationship between technology and engineering history and the complex relationships they have with society, politics, economics, and culture.

The resources include: inquiry units, primary and secondary sources, hands-on-activities, multimedia sources (video and audio), background information for teachers, and additional resources.

The lessons have 9 themes: agriculture, manufacturing, materials & structures, energy, communication, transportation, information processing, medicine & healthcare, and warfare. A search may be broken down even further by era, geography, and by World History AP themes.

IEEE REACH offers a one-stop shop of resources that bring to life the history of technology and engineering in the classroom.

Check out the TryEngineering Live Virtual Event: Electric Lighting—Through the Lens of History (Partner Spotlight).
In this on-demand virtual event, we highlight lesson plans from IEEE REACH, a program that provides free online resources that bring to life the relationship between science, technology, and society through the lens of history!  Watch and learn how your students can make an electric light bulb with a cardboard tube and pencil lead!