Looking for some cool, easy science experiments to do with your students this fall? Nancy Bullard, a science teacher at Huntingtowne Farms Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina, known to her students as “Mrs. B,” has gone viral on the social media app TikTok for her easy-to-do science experiments. While Mrs. B originally started the platform for her students last year during the pandemic, her channel has exploded to over 2.6 millions followers.

“I’m just blown away that it has drawn the attention of so many people,” Mrs. B. told the local education news outlet EdNC.

Mrs. B’s most popular video, according to EdNC, is an experiment where she sinks a spoonful of cocoa powder into water with fulvic minerals. After she pulls it out, she shows that the powder is still dry. Why? Because it’s a hydrophobic substance, meaning it repels water. The chemistry experiment received over 5.6 million likes. 

“The goal of this classroom is to get kids involved in hands-on science,” Mrs. B. said. “That was my goal during the pandemic. That was my goal before the pandemic, and it is still my goal.”

Many of Mrs. B’s science experiments can be done with materials students can easily find at home. In one experiment, for example, she shows us how to create a “naked egg” by plopping an egg in a cup of vinegar. After three days, its shell dissolves, fully exposing the gelatinous egg inside. “The acid in the vinegar reacts to the calcium carbonate in the egg shell and creates carbon dioxide gas,” she explains. 

Other fun experiments from Mrs. B include:

Check out Mrs. B’s free science experiments on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

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