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Statue Display Tower

Lesson Focus 
Students design, build, test and redesign a display tower that will meet a specific set of criteria and constraints.

Age Levels:

10 - 18
  • Design a display tower that meets the set criteria and constraints.
  • Build, test, and redesign a prototype.
  • Disassemble and reassemble their prototype with minimal steps.
  • Calculate total cost of final design.
Anticipated Learner Outcomes 

As a result of this activity, students will have:

  • Designed a display tower that met the set criteria and constraints
  • Built, tested, and redesigned their prototype.
  • Disassembled and reassembled their prototype with minimal steps.
  • Calculated total cost of their final design.
Lesson Activities 

Students will work in teams to design a statue display tower that meets set criteria and constraints. Teams will construct a prototype, test and redesign. Teams must keep track of materials and calculate total cost of their final design. The teacher will calculate each team’s final score. The lesson closes with the final test, discussion of reflection questions, and announcement of the winning team.

  • Teacher Resource Documents (attached)
  • Student Resource Sheet (attached)
  • Student Worksheets (attached)

Alignment to Curriculum Frameworks

Curriculum alignment sheet is included in PDF.

Alignment to Curriculum Frameworks

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