Taipei, Taiwan

Accredited Degree Areas

Automation Technology (MS)
Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering (MS)
Chemical Engineering (MS)
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (BS/PhD)
Civil Engineering (BS)
Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering (MS/PhD)
Computer Science and Information Engineering (BS/MS/PhD)
Electrical Engineering (BS/MS/PhD)
Electro-Optical Engineering (BS/MS/PhD)
Electronic Engineering (BS)
Energy and Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineering (BS/MS/PhD)
Environmental Engineering and Management (MS/PhD)
Manufacturing Technology (MS/PhD)
Materials Science and Engineering (MS/PhD)
Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering (BS)
Mechanical Engineering (BS)
Mechatronic Engineering (MS)
Mineral Resources Engineering (MS/PhD)
Molecular Science and Engineering (BS)
Organic and Polymeric Material (MS/PhD)
Vehicle Engineering (BS/MS)