Ghent, Belgium

Accredited Degree Areas

Applied Engineering Physics
Architectural Engineering (Masters)
Architectural Engineering
Bio-Engineering Sciences
Bio-Engineering Sciences: Agronomy
Bio-Engineering Sciences: Cell and Gene Biotechnology
Bio-Engineering Sciences: Chemistry and BioProcess Technology
Bio-Engineering Sciences: Environmental Technology
Bio-Engineering Sciences: Food Science and Power Monitoring
Bio-Engineering Sciences: Forestry
Bio-Engineering Sciences: Land and Water Management
Bioinformatics (Master)
Biomedical Engineering (Masters)
Chemical Engineering (Masters)
Chemical Engineering Technology
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering (Masters)
Civil Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Science and Engineering (Masters)
Electrical Engineering (Master)
Electrical Engineering
Electromechanical Engineering
Engineering Physics (Master)
Engineering Physics
Environmental Technology and Engineering (Master)
Fire Safety Engineering (Masters)
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (Master)
Materials Science and Engineering
Mathematical Informatics (Master)
Mechanical Engineering (Masters)
Nuclear Engineering (Masters)
Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics (Master)
Photonics Engineering (Masters)
Photonics Engineering (Masters)
Photonics Engineering
Sustainable Materials Engineering (Masters)
Textile Engineering (Masters)
Textile Engineering