Taichung, Taiwan

Accredited Degree Areas

Aerospace and Systems Engineering (BS, MS)
Automatic Control Engineering (BS/MS)
Biomedical Informatics and Biomedical Engineering (MS)
Chemical Engineering (BS/MS/PhD)
Civil Engineering (BS, MS)
Communications Engineering (BS/MS)
Construction Engineering and Property Management
Electrical Engineering (BS/MS)
Electronic Engineering (BS/MS)
Environmental Engineering and Science (BS, MS, PhD)
Fiber and Composite Materials (BS, Master, PhD)
Green Energy Science and Technology (MS)
Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (BS, MS/PhD)
Information Engineering and Computer Science (BS,MS,PhD)
Materials Science and Engineering (BS, MS, PhD)
Mechanical Engineering (MS)
Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (PhD)
Mechanical and Computer Aided Engineering (BS)
Photonics (BS/MS)
Precision Systems Design
Transportation and Logistics (BS, MS)
Water Resources Engineering and Conservation (BS, MS)