Jena, Germany

Accredited Degree Areas

Automation Technology / Information Technology International B.Eng.
Biotechnology B.Eng
Communication and Media Technology B.Eng.
E-commerce B.Sc.
Electrical Engineering / Automation Technology B.Eng.
Engineering B.Eng.
Engineering M.Eng.
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering (Industrial) B.Sc.
Industrial Engineering (Information Technology) B.Sc.
Industrial Engineering - StudiumPlus B.Sc.
Industrial Engineering M.Sc.
Laser and Optical Technologies B.Eng.
Laser and Optical Technologies M.Eng.
Manufacturing Technology & Production Management M.Eng.
Materials Engineering / Materials Engineering M.Eng.
Materials Engineering B.Eng.
Mechatronics B.Eng.
Mechatronics M.Eng.
Miniaturized Biotechnology M.Sc.
Patent Engineering M.Eng.
Photovoltaic and semiconductor technology B.Eng.
Physical Engineering B.Sc.
Precision Engineering B.Eng.
Process-integrated environmental protection B.Eng.
Scientific Instrumentation M.Sc.
Space Electronics M.Eng.
System Design M.Eng.
Technical Computer Science B.Eng.