Cranfield, United Kingdom

Accredited Degree Areas

Advanced Chemical Engineering (master)
Advanced Lightweight Structures and Impact (Masters)
Advanced Materials (Masters)
Advanced Mechanical Engineering (Masters)
Advanced Motorsport Engineering
Advanced Process Engineering (master)
Aerospace Dynamics with options in Aerodynamics & Flight Dynamics (master)
Aerospace Manufacturing (master)
Aerospace Materials (master)
Aerospace Vehicle Design (Aircraft Design, Avionic Systems Design and Structural Design Options) (master)
Aircraft Engineering (Engineering and Manufacturing streams) (master)
Airworthiness (Masters)
Applied Nanotechnology (Masters)
Astronautics and Space Engineering with SpaceMaster variant (master)
Automotive Engineering (Masters)
Automotive Mechatronics (master)
Computational Fluid Dynamics (master)
Design of Rotating Machines (master)
Energy Systems and Thermal Processes (Masters)
Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems (Masters)
Flow Assurance for Oil & Gas Production (Masters)
Global Product Development & Management
Knowledge Management for Innovation (Masters)
Management and Information Systems (Masters)
Manufacturing Consultancy (master)
Manufacturing Technology and Management (master)
Offshore Engineering - Management route (master)
Offshore and Ocean Technology (master)
Operations Excellence (master)
Renewable Energy Engineering (master)
Sustainable Manufacturing (master)
Thermal Power (Aerospace Propulsion Option) (master)
Thermal Power (Gas Turbine Technology Option) (master)
Thermal Power (Power Propulsion and the Environment) (master)
Through-life System Sustainment (master)
Ultra Precision Technologies (master)
Welding Engineering (master)