Budapest, Hungary

Accredited Degree Areas

Architectural Engineering
Autonomous Vehicle Control Engineering (master)
Biochemical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering (master)
Building Service and Process Engineering (master)
Building Service and Process Engineering
Business Informatics (master)
Chemical Engineering (master)
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science Operational Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Energy Engineering (master)
Energy Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Design Engineering (master)
Industrial Design Engineering
Information Technology Engineer (master)
Information Technology Engineer
Infrastructural Engineering (master)
Land Surveying and Geographical Information Systems Engineering (master)
Logistics Engineering
Logistics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (master)
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronical Engineering (master)
Mechatronical Engineering
Polymer and Fibre Technology Engineering (master)
Structural Engineering (master)
Sustainable Urban Development Engineer (master)
Transportation Engineering (master)
Transportation Engineering
Vehicle Operational Engineering (master)
Vehicle Operational Engineering