Wuppertal, Germany

Accredited Degree Areas

Automation Engineering (Master)
Civil Engineering (Bachelor)
Civil Engineering – Planning, Construction, Operation (Master)
Communication Engineering (Master)
Computer Science (Master)
Computer science in combinatorial Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Arts)
Electrical Engineering (Bachelor)
Electrical Engineering (Master)
Electrical Engineering in combinatorial Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Arts)
Elektrotechnik (Master of Science)
Energy Engineering (Master)
Industrial Engineering Electrical Engineering (Bachelor of Science)
Industrial Transport Engineering (Master)
Information Engineering (Master)
Information Technology (Bachelor of Science)
Information Technology (Master of Science)
Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor)
Mechanical Engineering (Master)
Qualitätsingenieurwesen (Master)
Safety Engineering (Bachelor)
Sicherheitstechnik (Master)
Structural Engineering in combinatorial Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Arts)
Technical Computer Science (Master)
Vehicle Engineering (Master)
Verkehrswirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Master)
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Automotive (Master of Science)
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektrotechnik
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Energiemanagement (Master of Science)
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Informationstechnik (Master of Science)