A collection of 14 short tips that may help to prepare engineering exams in a more efficient way and how to approach engineering exams themselves.



Why do you like it?

It’s short and concise. If only one of the tips appeals to you the reading of the slides was worthwhile.

Target Audience

  • Student Ages 14-18
  • Educators Teaching Ages 14-18
  • Parents with Children Ages 14-18

Resource Shared & Created by: Dr. Rainer M. Storn

Dr. Rainer M. Storn received his Diploma degree in electrical engineering in 1984 at the University of Stuttgart, where he continued to be a lecturer of nine different courses and a supervisor of 28 theses. In 1990 he earned his Ph.D. with summa cum laude at the Institute of Network and Systems Theory. Rainer Storn then started to work at the central research facilities of Siemens AG in Munich and was also a lecturer at the University of Innsbruck and at the Siemens educational facilities. In 1994 he was granted a Post-Doc Fellowship at the “International Computer Science Institute” (ICSI) in Berkeley, USA, where Ken Price and himself invented the optimization method “Differential Evolution” which earned the IEEE CIS Pioneer Award in 2017. Rainer is the author of 13 patents, more than 44 papers and articles, and coauthor or contributor of five books, among them “Differential Evolution – A Practical Approach to Global Optimization” by Springer. Since 2005 he is a Senior Member of the IEEE.