Lesson Focus

Lesson focuses on algorithmic thinking and programming. Make the students aware of the beauty of simple algorithms and their implementation in real fun games.


Full Lesson Plan
Student Worksheets

Age Levels:

14 – 18


  • Learn how to systematically analyze a problem in such a way that an algorithm can be derived to solve it
  • Learn about the usage of such algorithms to solve real problems.
  • Learn about applications of such algorithms to get started with the world of robotics algorithms, artificial intelligence, and so on.

Anticipated Learner Outcomes

As a result of this lesson, students should have an understanding of:

  • The design of simple algorithms to solve problems
  • The importance of teamwork to come up with efficient and fast solutions for real problems.
  • The various pathways the students can explore related to algorithms. (eg: artificial intelligence, robotics algorithms etc)

Lesson Activities

Students design a simple maze as shown in figure (given in the synopsis). They will solve the maze, and will then list the assumptions and steps in arriving at the solution of the maze. This data will act as the input to developing a generalized solution to the maze, and thus the students will be able to describe the algorithm. Implementation of the algorithm in a programming language and exploration of the areas in which such algorithms may be used will be left to students as future (optional) task. Working as a team of two or three, will be effective and useful for the students not only in terms of work efficiency, but also on developing teamwork skills.


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Alignment to Curriculum Frameworks

Curriculum alignment sheet is included in PDF.