Verizon is dedicated to helping students achieve, learn and create more, while helping teachers access helpful educational resources.

Communications Engineers continue to be in demand as communications technology continually evolves. The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) promotes technological innovation and fosters creation and sharing of information among  the global technical community. They are dedicated to STEM education opportunities at the pre-university level with the goal of inspiring students to pursue careers in communications engineering. 

Verizon is also helping to bring STEM education opportunities to pre-university students. They have partnered with the best minds at the intersection of education and technology to provide cutting-edge resources. Among these resources are free lesson plans that K-12 educators can download for their use within their classrooms. Check out the following free lesson plans from Verizon that ComSoc recommends for teachers to help inspire their students in the field of communications engineering.

Applications and Communications

  • Emoji Design– create emojis using the Vectr graphics software 
  • Cyber Security – build and use their own cipher wheel to create a secret message as they explore basic cryptographic algorithms

Radio Communications

Electronic Communications