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Get Inspired by Engineering

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What do planes, Fortnite, and your shower have in common? They were all developed with the help of engineers!

Virtually every convenience in our daily lives has been made possible through engineering. Engineers enhance and improve our world – and you can too.

Explore engineering though our games and activities, or read about the different engineering fields. You can also read interviews with engineers, and find a university near you that offer programs that fit your interests.


The Hot Air Balloon game lets you control the altitude of the balloon through heating the balloon or releasing air from the air flaps. Hot...
In this interactive game, Lost In Space, students learn to drag function blocks together to build applications of increasing complexity that move an astronaut named...
In this lesson plan, adaptable for grades 3-8, students play Atom Touch, a simulation that invites learners to explore principles of thermodynamics and molecular dynamics....
In this strategic building game, Lakeland, equal distribution of food and resources are needed in order to grow the town and keep the townspeople alive....
Crystal Cave is part of a series of Field Day games called The Yard featuring a cast of kid characters who hang out in a...
Lost at the Forever Mine puts players in the shoes of intergalactic materials scientists who crash land on an abandoned mining planet. Their goal is...
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Engineering Fields

Are you excited by the thrill of devising creative solutions to help advance computer technology for the benefit of humanity?
Are you excited by the opportunity to code software solutions that will drive the next generation of search engines?
Would you like to apply electrical principles to contribute to the development of new and innovative technologies?
Are you looking for a challenging and innovative career path where you can have a tremendous impact by ensuring designs and construction are carried out in an environmentally-sustainable way?
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Meet an Engineer

Nita Patel
“Learn to appreciate failures as much as you do the successes and never give up an opportunity to experiment or try something new.” Systems and Software...
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How do engineers make a difference in their communities? In the world?
Think about the world around you: airplanes, automobiles, electricity, cell phones, medications … even a bottle of water – everything man-made has been designed by...
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