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What do planes, Fortnite, and your shower have in common? They were all developed with the help of engineers!

Virtually every convenience in our daily lives has been made possible through engineering. Engineers enhance and improve our world – and you can too.

Explore engineering though our games and activities, or read about the different engineering fields. You can also read interviews with engineers, and find a university near you that offer programs that fit your interests.


Phet Simulation: Sound Waves With this simulation student can learn how different sounds are modeled, described, and produced by designing ways to determine the speed, frequency,...
Engineering is a field that focuses on creating and using scientific and technological solutions to problems, such as machines, programs, or structures. It’s crucial for...
Tinybop’s ingenious robot-making app, the Robot Factory, lets young scientists create, test and collect robots on their mobile devices. From building exoskeletons to adding various...
Hopscotch is a free drag-and-drop coding app that helps kids learn coding. Hopscotch provides a scaffolding learning for coding. This app empowers the students to...
Tappity is a great app that is like having the perfect science teacher available for children all of the time. The app includes 200+ science...
Swift Playgrounds (for iPad) starts out like a puzzle game where players have to figure out how to enter and test code until they find the...
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Engineering Fields

Computer engineers research, design, develop, test, and oversee the manufacture and installation of computer hardware, including computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, and related equipment such as keyboards, routers, and...
Computers and information technology are now integrated into nearly every aspect of modern life.
Mining and geological engineers, including mining safety engineers, find, extract, and prepare coal, metals, and minerals that are used by manufacturing industries and utilities.
Nuclear engineers research and develop the processes, instruments, and systems used to derive benefits from nuclear energy and radiation.
Ocean engineers study the world’s ocean environment and apply their knowledge of engineering to analyze its effects on vessels and structures.
Computer scientists are really the designers, creators, and inventors of new technology!
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Meet an Engineer

Nita Patel
“Learn to appreciate failures as much as you do the successes and never give up an opportunity to experiment or try something new.” Systems and Software...
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How do engineers make a difference in their communities? In the world?
Think about the world around you: airplanes, automobiles, electricity, cell phones, medications … even a bottle of water – everything man-made has been designed by...
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