Target Applicant: Pre-University

Through Engineering Innovation, high school students put engineering concepts to the test. Applying their knowledge of math and science to labs and hands-on projects, concepts they’ve learned in their high school classrooms are suddenly linked to real-world practice. Students’ confidence grows as they attend college-level lectures, tackle problems, test theories, and ultimately learn to think like engineers.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Completion of sophomore, junior or senior year of high school
  • Successful completion of a laboratory science, algebra II, and a knowledge of trigonometry
  • Knowledge of a spreadsheet application, such as Excel

Expand Your Possibilities

  • Curriculum developed by Johns Hopkins University.
  • Nearly 90% of Engineering Innovation graduates have gone on to study engineering or science in college.
  • 10:1 student/teacher ratio.
  • Students learn from practicing engineers about careers, internships, and educational opportunities in the field.
  • Students with a final grade of A or B receive three transferable Johns Hopkins University credits.
  • Certificates of Completion are awarded to all students who successfully complete the course.
  • A residential option is available at the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus site.
  • The program runs four to five weeks, depending on the location.

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