Target Applicant: Undergraduate

The Global Green Challenge – an evolution of the acclaimed World Solar Challenge – is the world’s leading, cross-continental showcase of the latest advances in hybrid, electric, solar, low emission, and alternative energy vehicles. This is extreme adventure – tomorrow’s technology against a backdrop of ancient desert, tropical rainforests and lush pastures. From the Spartan austerity of solar cars to the production car luxury of the Eco Challenge, as a driver, a supporter, a guest or a volunteer, prepare yourself for the drive of your life. There are 38 Solar cars and teams from 17 countries, including participants from Australia, Canada, Netherlands, China, United Kingdom, USA, Turkey and India to name a few, as well as participants from major manufacturers including GM Holden, Volvo, Hyundai, Suzuki, Skoda, Ford, KIA, BMW, HSV and other group participants poised to take on the Eco Challenge category of the Global Green Challenge. There are also teams participating from Annesley College and Deep Green Research with their hybrid and electric cars.

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