Target Applicant:


I’m contacting you on behalf of the Edison Innovation Foundation.

The Edison Innovation Foundation preserves Thomas Edison’s legacy and promotes innovation in the future generations. We’ve set up a blog,, to try and tie current events to Edison – from inventions to ideas. We regularly talk about engineering, science, and technology in our blog.

We have created a page on our site to point out other websites that are fans of or taken inspiration from Mr. Edison. We think your site is a great example of this, and have included a link to it for our readers to enjoy. You can see it here:

If you would like your description changed, please let me know and I’d be happy to change it for you.

I was hopeful you would find our website of interest to your readers and include with your links or where you think it most appropriate. If you like our site, would you be so kind as to link to us in return?

Kind regards,
Chris Keenan

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