Target Applicant: Pre-University

Experiment, learn, tinker and imagine as you make new friends while expanding your knowledge in engineering and computer science and technology concepts.

At Code Explorers, students 6-13 yrs old learn, experience and tinker like engineers and computer scientist. They learn to program or ‘code’ using mobile devices, program digital music, create 3D models and use adaptive manufacturing techniques, develop and experience virtual reality and augmented reality games,create 2D and 3D video games, build walking robots and go to battles, learn programming languages, fly drones, create hydraulic machines and more!

Our programs are for all creative minds and skill levels. We encourage inclusion for all students. Our instructors are fully trained and vetted in all aspects of camp delivery – from classroom management, safety to geeky talk!! They are well verse in the latest technologies, engineering knowledge and are eager to share their knowledge and experience. Along, come our high school interns as we create a true COMMUNITY of LEARNERS!

Careers from banking, retail, art, engineering to social work can not escape technology. Computational thinking, critical thinking skills, soft skills and teamwork are essential skills to acquire for a successful career in any field. Our camps are develop to entice students in learning about and appreciate careers in STEM in all its possible permutations. Whether they become engineers, computer scientists, entrepreneurs or artists – our community of learners and programs help start paving the road for their future!

Code Explorers also provide Pre-University programs for 3-5 yrs old in STEM and Entrepreneurship program for Youth.

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