Target Applicant: Pre-University

The Summer Program at Boston Leadership Institute is named among the top five science programs in the country. Award-winning teachers lead programs and classes, and the program even received a national award for Best Summer Camp. Students take STEM-themed field trips to Boston, a popular tourist and student destination. Beautiful science labs and facilities provide the type of summer experience that is highly valued in college admissions. Students are drawn to the Summer Program from across the country and worldwide. Day or overnight options are available.

Engineering Research

High school students use mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer programming to design boats. Students will use 3D printers to create rudders for their boats. Projects culminate in individual research papers and projects and presentations.

Engineering: Electronics and Robotics. 

They will design and assemble robotic vehicles and machines. Students will write computer code to operate their creations. The students will be actively engaged in creating challenges such as designs that react to clapping or that are capable of finding and retrieving objects.

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