Target Applicant: Pre-University

Learn about the rapidly growing field that combines engineering and medical technology. The Workshop will expose you to the wide variety of therapeutic and diagnostic products that biomedical engineers design and develop to improve the quality of life. You will discover some amazing things being done with biomedical devices and systems, such as prosthetics and artificial organs. You can observe some of the exciting research and see how individualized education and optional co-op and internships provide an opportunity to practice what biomedical engineering is all about. At the biomedical workshop, you will be invited to study the world where engineering meets medicine through a rigorous but flexible curriculum. Our faculty will provide you with a sample of the practical hands-on experience in our state of the art laboratories and project rooms. Visit our beautiful campus in the heart of the national biotechnology and life sciences corridor. Space is limited so register and reserve your seat today! To register, click on the link or call 610 499-4037 for more information.

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