IBM Fellow, Application Development Service Area Leader


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B.S. – Mechanical Engineering, California Polytechnic State University

M.B.A. – University of California, Davis

Job Description

“I have 20 years of systems integration experience, the last 14 years with IBM. I have held various roles in IBM such as architect, project manager, principal, practice leader, Distinguished Engineer and most recently IBM Fellow and Service Area Leader for the Application Development Service Area. My specialty is in the area of Enterprise Content Management.”

Interview Segment

“One of the key skills I learned in high school was problem solving. You pick up this skill in a variety of classes, from all the various math classes to all the science classes (chemistry, biology, physics, etc).

So my favorite memory in high school was my high school math teacher. I started taking courses from him my sophomore year and I would look forward to each class, simply because he made it fun! He was a funny man. He used to have a buzz-cut hairdo — not much hair– and would wipe off the rain from his hair with a Kleenex, which we always found amusing. When he would call around the room for answers to questions, if we, by chance, answered incorrectly, he would toss up the blackboard eraser in frustration, but all the while with a smile on his face. He had endless energy and I always felt so invigorated after his class! He inspired me to go through many courses to AP Calculus in high school.

Given all of this, I have to say that I don’t remember a lot of the details of the actual problems or equations that I worked on so many years ago. However, in my job here at IBM, I find that I use those very basic problem-solving skills every day! In a variety of situations from working with our employees or clients to deep technical challenges to managing a budget! Every day in some way these skills are brought to bear!!! I’m so thankful for my original teacher in math — he inspired me to take all of these skills to levels I never imagined!!!!”