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TryEngineering Together (TET)

Eager to spark your students’ STEM curiosity?  TryEngineering Together is a 1:1 STEM eMentoring program for grade 3-8 classrooms in the United States.

TryEngineering Summer Institute

The TryEngineering Summer Institute (TESI) is an exciting two-week, on-campus engineering summer camp for high school students held at premier universities across the United States.

New IEEE STEM Summit 1-6 November, 2021 Are you an IEEE  member interested in pre-university STEM outreach or an active IEEE volunteer already engaged in STEM outreach?...
Please join us in congratulating our 2021 IEEE STEM Ambassadors! An overwhelming number of applications, eighty in all, were received from volunteers all over the world....
IEEE is united around the mission of “Advancing Technology for Humanity.” But technology comes from the creativity and innovation of people; and that requires a...
This month’s topic is on Girls in STEM. Women have brought incredible innovations in all areas of STEM. From Marie Curie’s famous research into Radioactivity,...
Make a Light Bulb with Batteries Sponsored Lesson by IEEE REACH. IEEE REACH offers a one-stop shop of free resources that bring to life the history...
Do you care about the environment and human health? Are you a strict rule follower who loves to build and make things better? Environmental engineering...
Pollution clogs our oceans, water ways, and land. The Great Garbage Patch, a colossal mass of litter currently floating in the Northern Pacific Ocean, is...
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Sajeer Fazil
Sajeer Fazil
“Look around and see what issues your society faces; Think about how education and technology can help solve such problems. Technology is most valuable when...
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