Just as other innovations such as the internet, smartphones, and social media have gone from emergent to commonplace, the Metaverse is looking to be the next big technical revolution in our lives. As we prepare for the roll out of this three dimensional and tactile world, engineers are gearing up to understand what will be needed to support the Metaverse. Technologies such as sensors, actuators, and communication devices will be in high demand as more and more consumers are ready to jump in to this new reality. 

Join the IEEE Communications Society and TryEngineering for the July issue of TryEngineering Tuesday. This student resource & webinar series features an IEEE technical society or community with related activities for pre-university students and a free digital badge. This month’s issue features the Metaverse and the need for communication technologies to support it. Professor Frank HP Fitzek, Chair Head, TU Dresden, will share his work in the Metaverse, the tactile internet and the need for novel communication approaches. 

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