In a recent poll of teachers, TryEngineering Together asked what they look for in learning solutions. The top three things they look for in-classroom programs are: 

  • Getting students excited about learning
  • Helping students understand the real-world relevance of their studies
  • Building skills for both personal and academic success 

It’s no surprise that teachers are excited about TryEngineering Together and how it meets these goals by pairing kids with real-life STEM professionals through eMentoring.  

What’s eMentoring? eMentoring is the matching of caring, adult volunteers with students in classrooms through an online platform.  Only one in three students typically have access to an eMentor. Research shows that eMentoring can help students build their self-efficacy and belief that they can manage or overcome their circumstances.

With a best-in-class eMentoring platform, TryEngineering Together is the solution you’ve been looking for to inspire your students to learn about STEM. But don’t take our word for it! Read what teachers have to say.

Top Reasons why teachers love TryEngineering Together!


  1. 1:1 Attention: “I have kids who didn’t want to do anything, but they want to do this.…It’s an opportunity to write and share themselves without judgment.…They talk about their mentors as their best friends that they’ve known for years.”
  2. Authentic Experience: Of the four STEM areas, engineering was by far my weakest. I thought the program would be a great springboard for me to introduce engineering to my class. I also thought that having engineers as pen-pals would make the experience more authentic and engaging for them. I was right on both counts!”
  3. Motivation to Learn: “These kids normally shut down with learning, but they are asking to write their mentor.”
  4. Access to Experts: “As a teacher in a city setting, finding opportunities for my students to interact with people in the engineering field can be difficult. Through this program my students maintained an individual, ongoing conversation with them over an extended period of time, instead of a traditional one-time large group speech.”
  5. Cultivating Independent Learners: “My students would recall their mentor’s words in class, ask to research something a step forward, refer to an article, or an activity. That may not have occurred if we had just done STEM the normal way.”
  6. Improves Writing: “I observed notable improvements in my students’ communication skills throughout the program.”
  7. Career Exploration: “TryEngineering Together gave my students the opportunity to ask questions and have discussions with real-life engineers and people in STEM fields. They appreciated the regular interactions they got to have with someone who showed interest in their lives and in STEM careers.”
  8. Safe & Secure: “I can tell you the system in place to ensure confidentiality of the students’ identities, while giving them the platform to communicate with professionals, is exceptional. I truly have never seen such an outstanding program.”
  9. Ongoing Support: “Training was above and beyond, as well as support for me throughout the entire program.”
  10. Free for Schools: “The model of zero cost for schools allows all teachers, regardless of budget, to provide this opportunity to their students. And, having a corporate sponsor helps get businesses directly involved in schools!”

TryEngineering Together is currently seeking 3rd-8th grade teachers who would like STEM eMentoring to be a part of their 2020-21 academic year. Click here to learn more about how you can get TryEngineering Together eMentors for each of your students!