What do cyber security experts do? If you desire to make the digital world a safer place and have a career with endless possibilities, cyber security may be the right field for you.

Cyber security professionals work to ensure our computer systems are safe from hackers. Plus, they have plenty of career paths to choose from, as most organizations depend on their skills to keep their systems reliable and safe. You can work in big data and use your talents to improve emerging technologies, or you can assist law enforcement to capture cyber criminals. Some companies even hire cyber security experts known as “penetration testers” to hack into their systems on purpose so they know what they need to do to avoid data breaches in the future.

Cyber security professionals can have a range of personality traits and skills. If you’re detail-oriented, get a thrill out of solving problems, and are a good communicator, it may be the field for you. 

Bruce Schneier – Cyber Security Specialist

One of the most famous cyber security experts in the world is Bruce Schneier. A well-known author who has written more than 12 books, Schneier is known for some radical ideas, including how he thinks we can make our personal data more secure. Instead of our data being scattered in many different places online, Schneier thinks we should all get our own data “pod” gleaned from our personal computers, phones, and other devices. According to Schneier, these pods would make our data safer, because it would belong to us, which means we get to control who has access to it. 

“This will fundamentally alter the balance of power in a world where everything is a computer, and everything is producing data about you,” Schneier wrote in on his blog “Schneier on Security,”

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