During school closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center for Integrated Computing and STEM Education (C-STEM) at the University of California, Davis offered free distance learning resources in mathematics and computer science.

“With our partners, we are stepping up to this unprecedented challenge by providing many of our resources free of charge to schools and districts,” C-STEM Center Director Harry Cheng, told UC Davis

All K-12 teachers and students across the U.S. whose schools have closed can access the university’s C-STEM Studio. The studio includes 13 years worth of math and computer science for students in kindergarten through high school. 

The C-STEM curriculum, which has been adopted by schools across the U.S. and in California, is compliant with Common Core standards in math and computer science. The center provides resources that show teachers how to use the curriculum for remote instruction.  

Through C-STEM Studio’s distance learning software, kids can learn math by coding virtual robots. C-STEM Studio includes a number of STEM learning platforms, many of which are free of charge, like RoboBlockly, a block-based visual programming lesson that teaches kids robotics, coding, and math. RoboBlocky includes over 500 activities, and also allows teachers and kids to make their own activities. Through the platform, teachers can oversee classes, manage student accounts, give homework, and grade their students’ homework. C-STEM also includes platforms like RoboSim, a robot simulation tool that teaches kids how to program robots, and Linkbot Labs, which teaches students how to connect a computer to Linkbots, robots that can be controlled through a user interface.

TryEngineering Resources

Many teachers are looking for options to transition their curriculums to home learning. Additionally, many parents and guardians are looking for online activities to keep their children educated and entertained. TryEngineering has curated free resources available to support teachers and parents during this unprecedented and challenging time.