SyncBlasts is a journalistic, educational, media product for the next generation of readers and thinkers. SyncBlasts is the answer to living in a modern, complex world, surrounded by a constant flow of information. Their students share opinions and ideas everyday. Their voices matter and so do their sources. SyncBlasts helps develop those voices and the skills necessary to succeed in this new world.

SyncBlasts™ provides reading and writing assignments that present social studies, science and current event topics relevant to students’ lives and their world. Their variety of rich multimedia; including a news show, video previews, and Explainer videos; is an engaging and smart way to build critical thinking, writing, and research skills.

  • Build vital research, writing, and critical thinking skills while providing an easy entry point for peer review.
  • Develop informed opinions on high-interest topics of cultural significance.

  • Express opinions succinctly, in a familiar format, utilizing game-like features.

  • Participate in thoughtful discussions with an authentic audience of peers.

SyncBlast’s™ platform allows for content to be updated regularly and for teachers to seamlessly search content, make assignments, and critique student work. Students engage deeply in peer review, improving their own writing, along with the writing of other students. Comprehension questions and a Top 10 competition help students focus on their reading.