Kids can engage with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education at home. Spero will be releasing a kit with 15 STEM-based mini-activities on October 2nd. The Spero Mini Activity Kit has all the tools you need to help kids start playing with STEM. They will be experimenting with a tiny robotic ball, constructing mazes and tunnels, and creating their own journey while experiencing the world of STEM. 

This activity kit is meant to help engage students at home. Learning is a never-ending process that continues outside the classroom. Using tools, such as the Spero kit, helps teach STEM in a less intimidating environment where they can have fun and learn.

Educating today’s youth about STEM is critical. Students need to develop their capabilities in STEM education in order to succeed in an information-based and highly technological society and to pursue STEM-related careers.

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