A STEM mindset is one that embraces discovery, investigation, and critical thinking. A STEM mindset for learning is one that embraces engaging in collaborative conversations, thinking flexibly about problems, and developing creative solutions are developed in classrooms. Every interaction that teachers have with their students allow them to either foster that mindset or hinder it. Take a look at some responses to student questions and how a teachers response can influence student learning.

The questions that students ask and the way we respond to them can have powerful effects. When it comes to STEM learning, teachers can push their students to think, persevere, and reflect. On the other hand a teacher can cause them to retract, rely on the teacher, and second guess themselves. The way teachers engage with their students can build confidence and fuel curiosity. Teachers need to be mindful about the way they communicate with their students and remember that every conversation is an opportunity for them to push their students further and allow them to grow in a mindset that embraces imagination and inquiry through meaningful STEM learning.