AIBO: Robot Dog

Thursday, October 25, 2018

IEEE launched, a new website that aims to be the world’s best and largest catalog of robots. Billed as “your guide to the world of robotics,” the site gathers nearly 200 robots from 18 countries and shows them off in thousands of photos, videos, and interactive animations.

Robots include, for example, consumer favorite Roomba, which vacuums floors and lightens housekeeping chores; Paro, a robotic baby harp seal used as a therapeutic tool in hospitals and nursing homes; and Atlas, an agile bipedal robot that can run, jump, and even do backflips.

“One of the things that makes the site really unique are the interactives that let you move and spin robots on the screen,” said Spectrum photo director Randi Klett, who leads the project along with Erico. “We send photographers around the world to capture these robots in action.”

Among the interactives are a 360-degree view of a 1,200-pound surgical robot, a crawling robotic baby called iCub, and NASA’s space humanoid Robonaut.