September is national Read a New Book Month! With children across the country and even the world returning to the classroom, it’s a great time to provide them with fresh and fun content that they might like to dive into. Specifically, offering new books on STEM related topics can help keep children engaged in a pathway towards engineering.

A great resource to get you started is the National Science Teaching Association’s Best STEM Books K-12 2022 list. All of the books on this list were published in 2021, ensuring some new titles you have likely not yet encountered. The list contains a mix of topics and fiction vs. nonfiction; surely something for any pre-university student in your life!

Of course, there are bound to be some great finds for your child or student from previous years that you may have missed or may now just be appropriate or attention-grabbing for them. Check out this TryEngineering article 47 STEM Books for K-12 or this TryEngineering STEM for Good resource September is Read a Book Month for some additional ideas!

Happy reading!