The IEEE Robots website is your guide to the world of Robots. You can have your student listen to Roboticists give their definition of “robot” as well as hear from researchers on the future of robotics.  Have students play the Robot Face-off.

Check out the new Activity Sheets.  The activities are meant to be intuitive and clear, with little direction needed so that it’s easy for most kids to do the work independently. These activities can be enjoyed by kids age 6 to 12, though older kids (and adults!) may want to explore some of them, too.

You might also consider our “robot arm” lesson plan where students begin by looking at Unimate, the first industrial robot arm ever built, and also Titan, the strongest robot arm in the world, with a payload capacity of over 1,000 kg (2,200 lb). Next they design their own “robotic arm”

Tryengineering has many basic electronics lesson plans as an entry point to robotics (type in “electronics” in the lesson plan search for a list).  The Series and Parallel Circuit Lesson is a good place to begin.  For more advanced lessons check out the Arduino Blink Lesson.

The Museum of Science + Industry Chicago has a Teacher Robot Lesson Plan Packet we highly recommend.

Check out the free online Virtual Robotics classes from Amazon Future Engineers.