Inspire your students to learn about the possibilities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Give them the opportunity to participate in an authentic and meaningful online experience like the TryEngineering Together eMentoring program. 

Mrs. Jackson, a TryEngineering Together teacher, told us that after only a few weeks, students who were “…normally shut down with learning … [were] asking to write their eMentors.” Why the change? According to Mrs. Jackson, it’s due to the fact that each student has an eMentor that corresponds with them individually.  

Interactions with eMentors are conducted digitally and asynchronously, eliminating many of the challenges that make traditional mentoring inefficient. It’s a convenient and effective way to exchange valuable knowledge, skills, support, and experiences with students despite distance or time barriers. 

In January 2020, released a report titled, Supplement on eMentoring to the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring, which acknowledges and promotes the benefits of digital mentoring. The report specifically highlights TryEngineering Together as an impactful STEM eMentoring program.  

Research shows that only one in three students typically have access to an eMentor and that eMentoring can help students build their self-efficacy and belief that they can manage or overcome their circumstances. Through TryEngineering Together, elementary and middle school students in economically disadvantaged communities now have access to a variety of STEM professionals and enthusiasts serving as mentors and role models, who were previously inaccessible to them. 

“My students would recall their eMentor’s words in class, ask to research something a step forward, refer to an article, or an activity. That may not have occurred if we had just done STEM the normal way.”

Free for schools, TryEngineering Together helps teachers cultivate independent learners by giving them unparalleled access to STEM experts and knowledge of STEM careers through a safe, secure, and engaging eMentoring platform. 

TryEngineering Together is currently seeking 3rd-8th grade teachers who would like STEM eMentoring to be a part of their 2020-21 academic year. Click here to learn more about how you can get TryEngineering Together eMentors for each of your students!