The IEEE Epoxy Solar Camp program has given the real feel of not only experiencing solar energy but also a sense of achievement to the students in making their own solar based projects. The program was designed to leverage academic schooling as an opportunity for students in India to become aware of environmental challenges. Combined with hands-on experience, the lessons of sustainability and solar energy presented at an early age can promote a lifetime of thinking outside of the box, particularly for STEM-related solutions to climate change. 

The program was launched in August of 2021. It was a six-day camp including 200 students, 50 parents, 50 teachers, and 25 volunteers. The goals of the camp centered around providing students with the technical and commercial aspects of solar power. Students were encouraged to think of solar energy as a clean and cost-efficient resource. They learned the design, build, and operation of epoxy solar-based panels and applied real-world application to them in the form of robotics, solar bags, toys, and other small electronics. Discussions around solar-energy empowered  students to take on the responsibility of mitigating climate change through STEM initiatives. Additionally, the moral and ethical components of creating a productive workforce in this area were also addressed. 

IEEE Epoxy Solar Camp provided ample opportunities for Pre-University students to understand the overview of climate change, sustainable technology and implement project-based learning approaches for the reflection of the Renewable Energy Sector. Students completed the program with not only hands-on experience in solar energy, but also a sense of achievement from completing a substantial project related to an important area of life. They can apply their newly acquired knowledge of solar energy from this program to new technologies, leaving a positive impact for future generations.

IEEE Epoxy Solar Camp was funded by the IEEE Pre-University STEM Portal Grant Program in 2021.