29 October 2019 is Global Maker Day. This day was created by educators to give their students the opportunity to create and collaborate on projects with people all around the world. It is meant to help inspire students to become innovators by solving problems and pushing their limits. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to:

Learn: Connect virtually and watch as makers share their different projects, learning spaces, creations, coding, 3D designs, art lessons, and more, LIVE. On 29 October, there will be 30-minute sessions you can connect to that involves presentations and challenges from participants. 

Share: Spotlights of pictures and videos of student creations will be shared on Twitter on the day of the event. Just use the hashtag: #GlobalMakerDay

Play: Challenges created by presenters will be posted on the landing page and given in the sessions during the day of the event.

Want to watch and participate? Visit Global Maker Day today to apply to present or to view the schedule, challenges, and link to the live presentations on the day of the event.