In the wake of massive school closures enacted to stem the COVID-19 outbreak, a number of organizations are making online STEM resources available to teachers. STEM educators who find the sudden switch from in-person to remote classes challenging can take advantage of a number of these resources

McGraw-Hill created an online learning site that eases the transition for K-12 teachers, which includes run-throughs of its math courses. Amesite, an online education company, is providing resources to teachers that help them recreate laboratory work virtually and teach math online. 

Here are a number of free online resources STEM educators can take advantage of:

Online STEM Courses
  • Amazon Future Engineer offers teachers and students grades 6-12 free access to sponsored virtual computer science courses in the U.S.
  • Carnegie Mellon University is offering free access to its online “Computer Science Academy,” an interactive program for high schoolers, for teachers who have accounts.
  • Boolean Girl, a nonprofit that hosts online coding education for girls, will host virtual events instructing students how “to code, build, invent and animate,” every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (3-4 pm). 
  • Until June 30th, grammar and middle school students can take online coding courses from robot maker RoboKind that will allow them to program a virtual avatar. 
  • Scholastic has made virtual learning plans, including STEM lessons, on its “Learn at Home” platform permanently available. 
  • Embrey-Riddle Aeronautical University offers free virtual STEM classes, which include computer science and aeronautics. 
  • Codeacademy is giving away 10,000 scholarships to high schoolers and college students, which provides thousands of hours worth of programming and web development courses.

The New York Academy of Sciences is hosting an online competition for 13-17 -year-old students to develop technological solutions to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Legends of Learning, a company that makes math and science games for 3-8th graders, is providing free access to 2,000 games to schools and parents until the end of the school year. 

TryEngineering Resources: 

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