What’s it like to work on designing smart building environments? In this episode of Exploring Careers in Engineering & Technology, you’ll meet Sohaib Sheikh, a London-based IT and Communication Systems Consultant for Arup, a global firm of designers, planners, engineers and technical specialists.

Sheikh is a telecommunication engineer by education who completed his undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in this field. At Arup, he works on some of the most well-known building projects in the UK and Middle East, and helps his clients create tangible value from technology by enabling their buildings to be smarter and more responsive.  These projects range from Olympic and World Cup-level stadiums, large university campuses, and commercial skyscrapers. Sheikh helps the developers of these buildings reduce the energy consumption in their buildings, enable a flexible and more productive environment for the building occupiers, and aid them in making real-time governance decisions which enable them to use the buildings effectively.