The Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest (CMKC) is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit, organization which aims to spread the joy of mathematics. The CMKC Corporation is administered by mathematicians and teachers of mathematics; who cooperate with other professionals in order to provide an atmosphere and conditions suitable for motivating students to learn. CMKC loves mathematics and shares their passion for the wonderful cause of creating a better future with better education for children. They programs they offer are as followed…


  • Contest: once per year in March in English or in French
  • Contest training: vary across locations, not all CMKC sites offer training, rarely offered in French
  • Award celebration: usually in June, not all CMKC sites offer special event


  • Math enrichment classes in English: Levels 1-8
  • Math enrichment classes in French: TBA

The Contest-Game “Math Kangaroo” originated in France in 1991 and quickly became very popular among students in many European countries. Several years later, the association “Kangourou sans frontieres” was founded and it now organizes the event. The contest’s main purpose is to promote mathematical thinking and stimulate an interest in math, by providing students with an opportunity to compare their abilities against the abilities of other students, from different countries around the world. In the past several years, the geography of the participating countries has been extended outside Europe, to USA, Paraguay, Mexico, Canada, etc.

In 2018, over six million students and hundreds of mathematicians from over 70 countries played the game, world-wide. More information about the contest is available at Association Kangourou sans Frontières website