In today’s age, children are born into an environment that thrives off technology which can make them constantly overstimulated. It’s time that children begin to use their imagination, curiosity, and creativity like they used to. But with overstimulation comes an increase of boredom, which is why AGIRLGIE has made it their mission to create toys and other products that keep kids engaged. 

All of their products can be used in more than one way, offering children an outlet to be creative with what they build, curious with what they can do, and use their imagination for what it could be. Here are two of their most popular building block products, but be sure to check out their website on all they offer!

Pyramid Building Blocks

This 3D building block product offers children endless possibilities of what they can build. This product has 15 different blocks which includes five different shapes, sizes, and colors. The range of shapes and colors will keep your child engaged and spark their creativity of what they can do with each piece. Even better, you can use more than one set together to create even more elaborate designs.

By having your child engage with this product, not only will they use their building skills in a creative manner, but also in an imaginative one. Maybe the structure they designed is really a car in their eyes, or the world’s largest robot! The point is, they will have an outlet to express themselves. 

Wooden Filled Blocks

These fun filled building blocks are sure to keep your child entertained and engaged with the endless ways they can assemble them. These 16 different blocks are of four different shapes and filled with one of four colored materials, either sand, beads, water, or acrylic! Your child will  be fascinated with building and watching the material move inside. 

This building block product is sure to spark your child’s imagination in ways they never knew! By engaging them with this, they will find a new love for building, which will allow them to be creative. And don’t forget–you can build with them and watch their faces light up as they create something unimaginable. 

It’s time to get children engaged and fascinated with the world around them.