Founded in 1891, UC Berkeley Extension is the continuing education branch of the University of California, Berkeley. Today, Extension offers more than 2,000 courses each year, along with more than 75 professional certificates and specialized programs of study. Its dedication to equipping students with the demands of today’s economy continues with Berkeley Boot Camps including

Through face-to-face interaction via our online learning format, students take part in a dynamic learning experience. Our skilled instructors prepare students for a variety of high-growth jobs by teaching them in-demand technologies and soft-skills to compete in the professional worlds of web development, data analytics, UI design/UX research, cybersecurity, digital marketing, fintech, and tech project management.

Market-Driven Curriculum

Our boot camp curricula cover the most in-demand market skills to equip students for the digital age. We employ skilled instructors with three years minimum in the field and dedicated TAs to give students a robust learning experience. Explore the Coding, Data AnalyticsUX/UICybersecurityDigital MarketingFinTech, and Tech Project Management curricula.

Face-to-Face Learning

Mastering a new trade is tough work. Through face-to-face virtual interaction, we provide hands-on instruction and maximum support. By collaborating in teams on various projects, students gain real-world experience and peer-to-peer insights. Learn more about the classroom.

Career Services

Through a comprehensive set of career support services including technical interview training, resume support, portfolio reviews, 1:1 coaching, and more, students are equipped to be Employer Competitive upon graduation. Explore our career planning assistance

Hands-On Experiences

Through skills-based learning, students get first-hand technical experience and collaborate in teams on a host of real-world problems. You’ll expand your knowledge and use it toward comprehensive projects that bolster your portfolio and demonstrate your mastery.

Wide-Ranging Student Support

We put the student experience first, from the beginning of the application process and through graduation. As you go through our intensive programs, our admissions, student success, and career services teams are there to ensure your success. Learn about student support.