Mattel’s Barbie is working with Virgin Atlantic to encourage girls to pursue STEM careers. The dolls are made to look like a pilot, an engineer, and a cabin crew member. Mattel hopes these dolls will show girls that there is no limit to what they can achieve.

According to the Women’s Engineering Society, 12% of the engineering workforce is women – with the UK only having 4.3% of its pilots as women. The UK-based airline hopes that the dolls can help fix the gender gap.

“It’s essential that Virgin Atlantic plays a pivotal role in encouraging women to succeed in STEM careers,” Phil Maher, EVP of Operations at Virgin Atlantic, said in a press release. “It’s evident that for those women who do become pilots and engineers, career satisfaction is exceptionally high, and it’s no surprise that job satisfaction is exceptionally high. It’s essential we showcase to girls of all ages just how fulfilling a career in our industry can be and our partnership with Barbie is just one of the steps we’re undertaking to achieve this.”

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