2019 Invent It Challenge
Spark!Lab Dr. Inbe Yoon 


Calling All STEM Educators!
Ready to engage your students? Ask your students to think of an invention that could enhance and improve the daily lives and activities of older adults. Free curriculum and videos spark your students’ empathetic thinking about how life changes as we age and support their discovery of a need they can address with a unique invention. Students can enter as individuals or teams in four age categories: 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, and 14-18.

Why Take Part in the Challenge?
• Engage students in applying STEM skills through the hands-on invention process, promoting problem-solving, communication and teamwork!
• Leverage high-quality FREE inventing curriculum from Smithsonian and Cricket Media.
• Motivate learners with global competition and prizes.

How to Enter Your Students
Guide students in creating a PowerPoint or video documenting their invention idea! Visit inventitchallenge2019.epals.com for complete entry details and official rules. We welcome submissions between January 17 and April 5, 2019 from all students, globally, including homeschoolers and clubs!

“I learned that I can invent something and help save the world by changing it. I hope to make more inventions like this, and I have the courage to do that now!” – KAVI, 2018 Invent It Challenge Winner from California

“They were able to explore and learn about things that were outside of the general curriculum. We’re not talking about core classes here. We’re talking about taking what we’re learning in the core curriculum and looking at the bigger picture, applying how we’re learning about Science, how we’re learning about Technology. … It was a real invaluable experience.” – RACHEL, Homeschool Parent of 2018 Invent It Challenge Team Winner from Missouri

“The students enjoyed inventing a solution to a problem. They worked hard on building an invention. And they enjoyed showcasing their inventions … The greatest benefit to the Invent It Challenge is that it forces students to use so many skills. They must brainstorm ideas, research [and] create an actual product that solves a problem.” – LINDSAY, Teacher from Missouri

Check out the Invent it challenge flyer:  invent-it-2019-educator-flyer