Abone navnîşa nameya me

Navnîşana nûçenameyê

Bi şandina vê formê, hûn destûrê didin IEEE ku bi we re têkiliyê deyne û ji we re e-nameyên derbarê naveroka perwerdehiya IEEE ya belaş û dravî ji we re bişîne.

About the Volunteer STEM Portal

Volunteer STEM Portal

About the Volunteer STEM Portal

Welcome to the IEEE Pre-University Volunteer STEM Portal.

Are you an IEEE Volunteer looking to inspire the next generation to choose a STEM career? Are you looking for lessons or activities that your unit can offer to engage students and enable teachers to bring STEM into their classrooms? The portal has the resources you are looking for.

This is the place to be for all things related to Pre-University STEM programs and activities at IEEE. Whether you volunteer for a Section, Technical Society, Affinity Group, Student Branch, or Eta Kappa Nu Chapter, etc., the portal offers a range of resources to help you elevate existing programs or assist you in creating new programs.

Consisting of a searchable database of volunteer and partner-developed programs and activities, you can find inspiration from other STEM projects, and utilize resources from your peers. You will also be able to share your own programs with other IEEE volunteers, grow your network of STEM professionals, give updates to a project you’re working on, and build up your local STEM community. You can also share the results of your program to demonstrate the collective impact IEEE is making to inspire the STEM professionals of tomorrow.

This portal is for you and the goal is to engage and inspire as many students as possible. Working together, we maximize the strength of our volunteers.

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Learn how to use the portal with the Dilxwaz Rêbernameya Bikaranîna STEM Portal.

For questions contact: volunteerstemportal@ieee.org