Tinybop’s ingenious robot-making app, the Robot Factory, lets young scientists create, test and collect robots on their mobile devices. From building exoskeletons to adding various robo-embellishments, Robot Factory is a fun, creative way to excite kids’ imaginations. Featuring an open-ended construction kit, players can pick from 100 parts to build thousands of different robots as well as add color schemes and specially recorded sounds. Kids will enjoy collecting and sharing robot stickers.

Watch students tinker with virtual parts to build a virtual robot in The Robot Factory. Students will love using the camera feature to create a familiar face for their robot and adding the rocket jet pack piece to make the robot fly. After creating the robot, students can experiment in the virtual play environment to see how the parts they have chosen work.  The virtual testing environment contains a variety of landscape features such as boulder traps and volcanoes that test the strength of the robot.

Kids who love to create, design, and experience free play can mix and match 50+ unique parts to experiment with different designs. The Robot Factory is built around the notion that construction sets should allow kids to build things from their imaginations instead of predetermined designs. Using their device’s microphone, kids also can record three sounds for the robot and can choose the robot’s color scheme. Kids can test their construction that involves taking the robot out into the virtual world within the game and seeing how it can traverse various scenarios.