DIY Nano is a science app that introduces nanotechnology to kids in ways that are both cool and understandable. This uncluttered, well-designed app includes DIY activities and experiments, as well as short videos about topics like materials used in nanotechnology, “nano” and nature, and how nanotechnology affects everyday life. Kids tap on well-categorized, labeled videos to watch them (each just a few minutes long) or choose from the more than 10 activities or experiments. The activities and experiments each include a materials list (some items may be more complicated to acquire and messier than others), instructions, and detailed explanations of why they do what they do.

Teachers can use it for a broad study of nanoscience, beginning with the video “Intro to Nano,” or incorporate it into another science topic such as gravity and present how gravity relates to nanoscience in a video. You can also select experiments based on specific topic or interest. The especially helpful thing about these experiments is they all list the required materials, prep, activity, and cleanup times, as well as step-by-step directions. Some of them — such as the smelly balloons experiment — are just simply fun ways to get kids interested in the science of small things. Do them in small groups or in front of the whole class (especially those containing messier or more obscure ingredients) and then watch the related videos suggested for each experiment.